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​A new fuel idea can be designed and fabricated, and then tested and analyzed at MFC to better understand the effects of irradiation. MFC hosts the core of U.S. nuclear research and development with a diverse array of facilities designed for remote work on highly irradiated fuels and materials. Areas of expertise include nuclear fuels, radiation-tolerant materials, fuel recycling, focused basic research, nuclear nonproliferation and nuclear forensics, and space nuclear power and isotope technologies.


Analytical Laboratory​ | Instruments

Characterization, post-irradiation examination, fuel fabrication

Electron Microscopy Laboratory | Instruments

Post-irradiation examination

Engineering Development Laboratory | Instruments

Fabrication, assembly, and testing of research and development and production equipment

Experimental Fuels Facility | Instruments

Fuel fabrication, process development

Fuel Conditioning Facility | Instruments

Waste forms and separations

Fuel Manufacturing Facility | Instruments

Fuel fabrication, nuclear material management

Fuels & Applied Science Building​ | Instruments

Fuel fabrication, irradiation, characterization, post-irradiation examination, process development

Hot Fuel Examination Facility​ | Instruments

Post-irradiation examination

Irradiated Materials Characterization Laboratory​ | Instruments

Post-irradiation examination

Sample Preparation Laboratory | Instruments

Post-irradiation examination

Space and Security Power Systems Facility​ | Instruments

Fueling, testing, and delivery of radioisotope power systems

Transient Reactor Test Facility​ | Instruments


Zero Power Physics Reactor | Instruments

Fuel fabrication, nuclear material management, nonproliferation activities