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​The current mission of the Analytical Laboratory (AL) is to (a) perform chemical, radiochemical and  physical measurements; (b) provide nondestructive analysis measurements; and (c) conduct applied research and engineering development activities in support of advanced nuclear fuel design, waste management, environmental, and other programs conducted at the Materials and Fuels Complex and Idaho National Laboratory (INL). The mission is accomplished through a broad range of analytical chemistry capabilities.

As a result of this mission, AL receives a wide variety of samples from across INL, as well as from other outside entities. Sample types include liquids, solids, and irradiated/unirradiated fuel related to activities such as research and development, material accountability, radiation monitoring, process monitoring, and environmental monitoring. Engineering development activities, such as the preparation of samples for irradiation testing, are also supported by the AL.

Basic Capabilities:

  • Analysis and characterization of as-built and post-irradiated nuclear fuels and reactor components

  • Analysis of hazardous, mixed, or highly radioactive wastes; other waste forms; and samples

  • Analytical chemistry support for nuclear forensics

  • Determinations of inorganic isotopic constituents and radionuclides

  • Radioisotope separation

  • Characterization of engineered materials

  • Expertise in characterization of engineered materials and the nuclear fuel life cycle​


ICP-MSAnalytical Laboratory
ICP-AESAnalytical Laboratory
MC-ICP-MSAnalytical Laboratory
TIMSAnalytical Laboratory
GACSAnalytical Laboratory
GMSAnalytical Laboratory
Analytical Laboratory
Analytical Laboratory
Analytical Laboratory
HUPAnalytical Laboratory
DSCAnalytical Laboratory
STAAnalytical Laboratory
DILAnalytical Laboratory
LFAAnalytical Laboratory
Analytical Laboratory
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