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HFEF.pngThe Hot Fuel Examination Facility (HFEF) is a multi-program hot cell facility. There are two adjacent shielded hot cells (the main cell and decontamination cell), a shielded metallography box, an unshielded hot repair area, and a waste-characterization area. HFEF provides shielding and containment for remote examination, processing, and handling of highly radioactive and TRU-bearing materials in its argon-atmosphere hot cells, unshielded labs, support areas and special equipment for handling, examining, and testing of highly radioactive materials.

Basic Capabilities:

  • Nondestructive and destructive post-irradiation examination of irradiated samples in two large, heavily shielded hot cells

    • Machining and disassembly of fuel and material experiments

    • Neutron radiography/neutron tomography

    • Visual examination and dimensional examination

    • Gamma scanning/gamma tomography

    • Fission-gas-release measurement

    • Sample preparation for metallography, chemical and isotopic analysis, and optical microscopy

  • Mechanical testing of irradiated fuels and materials

  • Bench-scale electrochemical separations research

  • Handling and loading facilities capable of receiving large shipping casks and fuel pins up to 13 feet long

  • Furnaces for simulating accident conditions at temperatures up to 2,000°C for extended periods of time

Instruments:​ ​

NRADHot Fuel Examination Facility
PGSHot Fuel Examination Facility
GASRHot Fuel Examination FacilityGASR
FACSHot Fuel Examination Facility
Hot Fuel Examination Facility

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