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The Experimental Fuels Facility (EFF) houses a wide range of fuel fabrication capabilities, supporting customers in the Department of Energy’s Office of Nuclear Energy and private industry partners through Idaho National Laboratory’s cooperative research & development program.

Basic Capabilities:

  • Uranium and uranium-alloy casting

  • Uranium and uranium-alloy extrusion

  • Uranium machining equipment capable of processing unalloyed and alloyed uranium metal and ceramics at all enrichments

  • Inert-atmosphere uranium-processing glovebox line for fabrication and handling of alloys and powders

  • Multiple furnaces with temperature capability up to 2,000°C in vacuum, argon, air, hydrogen, and nitrogen atmospheres

  • Nonradiological machine shop to support advanced fuel development


Experimental Fuels FacilityUranium Handling
Experimental Fuels Facility
-- Annealing quench furnace -- Sodium glovebox -- Sodium-settling furnace -- Orbital capsule and cladding weldingExperimental Fuels Facility
-- CNC lathe -- Electrical discharge machine -- Centerless grinder -- Rolling mill -- Shears and punches -- 150-ton extrusion press -- Hydraulic straightener/draw bench -- Gun drillExperimental Fuels FacilityUranium Extrusion
Experimental Fuels Facility


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