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Instrument Description

The shielded FEI Helios plasma focused ion beam (PFIB), being FEI's high-end microscope platform, enables state-of-the-art research to be performed on irradiated materials in the IMCL facility. Compared to the standard liquid metal gallium ion source, the xenon plasma ion source can achieve 20x-60x higher milling rates. The very high-resolution electron column combined with this plasma FIB source enables high-resolution, high-throughput 3-D characterization of irradiated nuclear materials. The high milling rate xenon plasma FIB also enables larger areas/volumes to be analyzed (>10 times larger than conventional FIB sources). The system is also equipped with the EBS3 control software to encompass uncontrolled serial FIB sectioning, SEM imaging and EDS/EBSD characterization. The microscope has the EasyLift EX NanoManipulator for in-situ sample transfer and a platinum gas injection system for deposition. The analytical equipment supplied by EDAX includes an energy dispersive spectrometer (EDS) and an electron backscatter diffractometer (EBSD).


The main uses for this instrument are microstructural and elemental characterization as well as high-throughput site-specific transmission electron microscopy and atom probe tomography sample preparation from irradiated nuclear fuel, cladding and structural materials. This instrument is also used for performing 3-D microstructural and elemental characterization (tomography).


Resolution electron beam: 
1.0nm at 2kV
Resolution ion beam:<25nm at 30kV
SEM optics:Very-high-resolution field emission SEM
Acceleration: voltage adjustable from 200 V to 30 kV
Probe current: up to 200 nA, continuously adjustable
Magnification 30x–1.28Mx
FIB optics:Very high current ion column with plasma Xenon source
Magnification 40x–1.28Mx
Detectors:Secondary electron detector (SED)
Retractable DBS detector
In-lens detector TLD
ICE detector
IR camera for viewing sample/column
Electron or ion beam current measurement
X, Y, Z, R and T - 5 axes piezo stage
Eucentric and analytical WD: 4 mm 
Gas injector system
Gases: platinum
Sample manipulator:EasyLift EX NanoManipulator

Analytical suite:

Octane Elite SiN 25mm2 EDS 
EDAX Hikari Super EBSD

Instrument sample preparation area; Shielded optical microscopy vacuum testing chambers testing properties gross and isotopic gamma scanning; Instron remote load frame gas measurement and analysis accident condition simulator furnace extrusion; Metallic fuel line; Advanced Fuel Cycle Initiative glovebox; Glovebox advance casting system furnace; Metallic fuel line; Metallic fuel line handling; Inert-radiological gloveboxes; Uranium handling repackaging glovebox; Transuranic breakout glovebox gamma irradiator surveillance glovebox line; Cell area Quanta 3D FEG dual-beam SEM FIB JSM-7000f SEM; Gatan precision etching and coating system; Gatan precision ion polishing systems II; Gatan precision ion polishing systems JEM 2010 STEM Cameca SX100R EPMA FEI QUANTA 3D FEG Titan ChemiSTEM FEG-STEM FEI Helios dual-beam SEM-plasma FIB diffraction; Micro X-ray diffractometer Di LemmaJEOL JSM-7000f SEM coupled plasma-mass spectrometer coupled plasma-atomic emission spectrometer; Thermal Ionization Mass Spectrometer coupled plasma-mass spectrometer advance casting system furnace; Hot uniaxial press furnace mass spectrometer; ELTRA CS-800; ELTRA ONH-2000 furnace; Differential scanning calorimeter; Simultaneous thermal analyzer; Pushrod dilatometer; Laser flash analyzer Separator Laboratories X-ray diffractometer; X-ray diffraction; Hot uniaxial press furnace
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