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Instrument Description

There are five fume hoods housed in the Fuels and Applied Science Building (FASB). All are continuous air volume with bypass volume adjustment as the vertical sash is raised and lowered. All are maintained as class A hoods (meaning the face velocity across the opening has an airflow between 80 and 120 feet per minute).

  • The west hood is a six-foot-wide radioisotope hood located in the southwest corner of the facility connected to the west development glovebox. The hood houses a titration station and the bench-scale casting system. As it contains accountable material, the hood sash is kept locked except when in use.

  • East hood A & B are two six-foot-wide hoods located along the south wall of the west room of FASB. These hoods are joined by a small corridor that allows samples to be passed between the two boxes. As they contain accountable material, the sash of each is locked when not in use.

    • East hood A houses a high-speed saw that is used to section samples for further analysis.

    • East hood B is used for cleaning uranium feedstock, sample handling, and a space to open containers containing contaminated material.

  • Sample prep hood A & B are four-foot-wide hoods located along the north wall in the east room of FASB.

    • Sample prep hood A is a radioisotope hood that houses sample preparation equipment. As it houses accountable material, the hood sash is kept locked when not in use.

    • Sample prep hood B is a nonradioisotope hood that is used for radiologically clean sample prep and other activities that require greater ventilation than the general room.

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