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Instrument Description

The MDS Nordion gamma irradiator is housed in FASB. It is a self-contained, cobalt-60 gamma ray source. Its primary uses are gamma irradiation effects on reprocessing solvents, reliability testing of materials and components prior to introduction into a hot cell and radiochemical separations.



A test loop system has been designed and installed at INL to evaluate the effects of gamma radiolysis and acid hydrolysis on the stability and performance of solvent extraction process solvents. Since all preferred solvent extraction processes must exhibit high radiolytic and hydrolytic stability, this test loop will not be limited to any one solvent system but will be applicable to all systems of interest. The effects of radiolysis/hydrolysis on a particular solvent extraction flowsheet or solvent component are evaluated by recirculating an aqueous/organic dispersion through the solvent irradiation loop until a desired absorbed gamma dose is achieved and then passing the irradiated organic solvent through the applicable scrub, strip, wash, etc., stages of the flowsheet. 



The conditioned organic solvent is then dispersed with a fresh aqueous solution and subjected to another cycle in the solvent irradiation loop. The irradiation source is a MDS Nordion GammaCell 220 Excel self-contained 60Co gamma irradiator. The gamma dose rate is approximately 3.5 kGy/hr in the center of the sample chamber. The solvent irradiation loop is based upon a coil of borosilicate glass tubing (0.375" OD, 0.202" ID) which is placed in the gamma irradiator sample chamber. The current effective dose rate for the radiolysis test loop is ~2.5 kGy/hr.

Instrument sample preparation area; Shielded optical microscopy vacuum testing chambers testing properties gross and isotopic gamma scanning; Instron remote load frame gas measurement and analysis accident condition simulator furnace extrusion; Metallic fuel line; Advanced Fuel Cycle Initiative glovebox; Glovebox advance casting system furnace; Metallic fuel line; Metallic fuel line handling; Inert-radiological gloveboxes; Uranium handling repackaging glovebox; Transuranic breakout glovebox gamma irradiator surveillance glovebox line; Cell area Quanta 3D FEG dual-beam SEM FIB JSM-7000f SEM; Gatan precision etching and coating system; Gatan precision ion polishing systems II; Gatan precision ion polishing systems JEM 2010 STEM Cameca SX100R EPMA FEI QUANTA 3D FEG Titan ChemiSTEM FEG-STEM FEI Helios dual-beam SEM-plasma FIB diffraction; Micro X-ray diffractometer Di LemmaJEOL JSM-7000f SEM coupled plasma-mass spectrometer coupled plasma-atomic emission spectrometer; Thermal Ionization Mass Spectrometer coupled plasma-mass spectrometer advance casting system furnace; Hot uniaxial press furnace mass spectrometer; ELTRA CS-800; ELTRA ONH-2000 furnace; Differential scanning calorimeter; Simultaneous thermal analyzer; Pushrod dilatometer; Laser flash analyzer Separator Laboratories X-ray diffractometer; X-ray diffraction; Hot uniaxial press furnace
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