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Instrument Description

The neptunium repackaging (NR) glovebox is a double-sided glovebox configured with a pressure control and purification system capable of maintaining a negative pressure and an inert atmosphere, with oxygen levels less than 10 parts per million, consisting of argon, helium, or a mixture of the two gases. This glovebox can accommodate and process plutonium-bearing and other TRU materials in various forms. Transfers of material, equipment, or wastes between the glovebox and the hood are accomplished through the use of a transfer chamber. 



The NR glovebox accommodates the repackaging neptunium-oxide into 9975 shipping containers. This glovebox has the capability to process uranium-bearing or plutonium-bearing and other TRU materials in various material forms. The glovebox can be used to section, process, package, and inspect fissionable and radioactive materials.



The NR glovebox construction consists of stainless steel sides, ceiling, and deck, with laminated shielding glass side and ceiling windows. A manual overhead handling system load limit of 350 lbs is provided to aid in the movement of heavy items in the glovebox.

The NR glovebox contains two shielded wells to hold 9975 PCVs and SCVs. Each well is shielded with 1 in. of lead to reduce the operator dose. The PCV well is a 6-in.-diameter cylinder that is approximately 16.5 in. deep. The SCV well is an 8-in.-diameter cylinder that is approximately 21.75 in. deep. Each well is equipped with a plug that, when installed, provides a flat floor of the glovebox.

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