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Instrument Description

The FEI Quanta 3D FEG dual beam instruments consist of a high-resolution field emission scanning electron microscopy (SEM) column optimized for high brightness and high current, and a high-current focused ion beam (FIB) column with a liquid gallium metal ion source. The microscopes are equipped with Omniprobe micromanipulators for in-situ sample lift-out and a gas injector system for platinum and carbon deposition. The EML system has the EDAX Trident system installed including energy- and wavelength-dispersive spectrometers (EDS, WDS) and electron backscatter diffractometer (EBSD).



The main uses for these instruments are microstructural and elemental characterization as well as site-specific transmission electron microscopy and atom probe tomography sample preparation from nuclear fuel, cladding and structural materials. These instruments are also used for performing 3-D microstructural and elemental characterization (tomography).


Resolution electron beam: In high-vacuum mode (also capable of low-vacuum mode operation)1.2 nm at 30 kV
2.9 nm at 1 kV
Resolution ion beam:7 nm at 30 kV
SEM optics:High-resolution field emission SEM
Acceleration: accelerating voltage is adjustable from 200 V to 30 kV
Probe current: up to 200 nA, continuously adjustable
Magnification 30 x–1.28 Mx
FIB optics:High-current ion column with Ga liquid metal ion source
Magnification 40 x – 1.28 Mx
Detectors:Everhardt-Thornley SED (ETD)
Secondary electron and secondary ion detector (CDEM)
IR camera for viewing sample/column
Electron or ion beam current measurement
Stage:X, Y, Z, R and T 5 axes mechanical stage
Eucentric and analytical WD: 10 mm 
Gas injector system:Gases: platinum, carbon
Sample manipulator:Omni Autoprobe 200, no motorized rotation

​Analytical suite:

​EDAX Trident system including EDS, WDS and EBSD

Instrument sample preparation area; Shielded optical microscopy vacuum testing chambers testing properties gross and isotopic gamma scanning; Instron remote load frame gas measurement and analysis accident condition simulator furnace extrusion; Metallic fuel line; Advanced Fuel Cycle Initiative glovebox; Glovebox advance casting system furnace; Metallic fuel line; Metallic fuel line handling; Inert-radiological gloveboxes; Uranium handling repackaging glovebox; Transuranic breakout glovebox gamma irradiator surveillance glovebox line; Cell area Quanta 3D FEG dual-beam SEM FIB JSM-7000f SEM; Gatan precision etching and coating system; Gatan precision ion polishing systems II; Gatan precision ion polishing systems JEM 2010 STEM Cameca SX100R EPMA FEI QUANTA 3D FEG Titan ChemiSTEM FEG-STEM FEI Helios dual-beam SEM-plasma FIB diffraction; Micro X-ray diffractometer Di LemmaJEOL JSM-7000f SEM coupled plasma-mass spectrometer coupled plasma-atomic emission spectrometer; Thermal Ionization Mass Spectrometer coupled plasma-mass spectrometer advance casting system furnace; Hot uniaxial press furnace mass spectrometer; ELTRA CS-800; ELTRA ONH-2000 furnace; Differential scanning calorimeter; Simultaneous thermal analyzer; Pushrod dilatometer; Laser flash analyzer Separator Laboratories X-ray diffractometer; X-ray diffraction; Hot uniaxial press furnace
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