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Instrument Description

The laser flash analyzer (LFA) inside of the fresh fuels glovebox (FFG) is used to fire a short pulse at the surface of a thin disk specimen. The heat transfer through the specimen results in a temperature rise on the other surface that is measured by a detector, and analysis of this temperature change allows determination of thermal diffusivity. This instrument will be operated for measurement of irradiated, radioactive, and nonradioactive materials. The materials included in this scope are structural reactor, fuel, and moderator materials. Typical sample materials will be solid form with cylindrical, disk or slab shapes of 6 to 12 mm in diameter and approximately 2 mm in length. Typical sample masses range from 100 mg to 2 grams.




The laser flash analyzer uses a pulse laser method to measure thermal diffusivity of a material, which is a property that is directly related to thermal conductivity.



Our instrument is a Netzsch LFA 427 that has been modified to operate inside of a glovebox. It has the capability to measure materials from room temperature to 2,000°C in inert atmosphere. The laser is an Nd/YAG laser and the detector system is an In-Sb/MCT infrared detector. 

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