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Lingfeng He HeLingfeng He is a senior R&D scientist and instrument scientist at Idaho National Laboratory. Dr. He received his PhD degree in materials science at Chinese Academy of Sciences in China in 2009, and then worked as postdoctoral research associate and assistant scientist at Nagaoka University of Technology, Japan, and the University of Wisconsin-Madison before joined INL in 2014. Dr. He is interested in materials behavior under extreme environments, with a focus on environmental degradation of materials in nuclear power systems. Dr. He’s goal is to understand how the processing and radiation/corrosion environments change the microstructure of materials and its effects on the mechanical and thermal properties of materials. He probed these interactions by virtue of cutting-edge electron microscopy and spatially resolved spectroscopy techniques. His current research projects include microstructure characterization of as-fabricated and irradiated nuclear fuels (oxide fuels, nitride fuels, silicide fuels, and metallic fuels) as well as advanced structural materials (ceramics, steels and nickel based alloys). He has authored/co-authored over 65 peer-reviewed journal papers and holds 5 patents.<div class="ExternalClass37EBF958B9AA436C96F5DC35BD3D71D8"><p><span aria-hidden="true"></span>B. Eng. in Metallurgical Science and Engineering, Central South University, China, 2003<span aria-hidden="true"></span></p><p>Ph.D. in Materials Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), China, 2009</p><p> </p></div><div class="ExternalClassBCF73949B73F4CD8AFF10C5F8E841412"><p>​Materials behavior under extreme environments, with a focus on environmental degradation of materials in nuclear power systems. Understanding how the processing and radiation/corrosion environments change the microstructure of materials and their effects on the mechanical and thermal properties of materials.</p></div><div class="ExternalClassD63A6609584E44A1AF7F50AD90108533"><p>The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society, since October 2016</p><p>Grant proposal and Journal reviewer for US Department of Energy (DOE), Office of Nuclear Energy, Nuclear Energy University Program (NEUP), Nuclear Science User Facility (NSUF), DOE Office of Science, SBIR/STTR, Laboratory Directed Research and Development (LDRD) at Idaho National; 27 peer-reviewed journals</p></div><div class="ExternalClass593185FCE823417995A13416017932F6"><p>L. He, J.M. Harp, A.R. Wagner, R.E. Hoggan, and K.R. Tolman: Hydrothermal Synthesis of Silicon Oxide Clad Uranium Oxide Nanowires, J. Am. Ceram. Soc., 101 (2018) 1004-1008.</p><p><br>T. Yao, B. Gong, L. He, J. Harp, M. Tonks, J. Lian: Radiation-induced Grain Subdivision and Bubble Formation in U3Si2 at LWR Temperature, J. Nucl. Mater., 498 (2018) 169-175.</p><p><br>L. He, X.M. Bai, J. Pakarinen, B. Jaques, J. Gan, A.T. Nelson, A. El-Azab, and T.R. Allen: Bubble Evolution in Kr-irradiated UO2 during Annealing, J. Nucl. Mater., 496 (2017) 242-250.</p><p><br>S.T. Nguyen, T. Nakayama, H. Suematsu, T. Suzuki, L. He, H.-B. Cho, and K. Niihara: Strength Improvement and Purification of Yb2Si2O7-SiC Nanocomposites by Surface Oxidation Treatment, J. Am. Ceram. Soc., 100 (2017) 3122-3131.</p><p><br>L. He, J.M. Harp, R.E. Hoggan, and A.R. Wagner: Microstructure Studies of Interdiffusion Behavior of U3Si2/Zircaloy-4 at 800 and 100°C, J. Nucl. Mater., 486 (2017) 274-282.</p><p><br>D.J. Tallman, L. He, J. Gan, El'ad N. Caspi, E.N. Hoffman, and M.W. Barsoum: Effect of Neutron Irradiation of Ti3SiC2 and Ti3AlC2 in the 121-1085°C Temperature Range, J. Nucl. Mater., 484 (2017) 120-134.</p><p><br>G. Zheng, L. He, D. Carpenter, and K. Sridharan: Corrosion-induced Microstructural Developments in 316 Stainless Steel during Exposure to Molten Li2BeF4 (FLiBe) Salt, J. Nucl. Mater., 482 (2016) 147-155.<br>M. Khafizov, J. Pakarrinen, L. He, H.B. Henderson, M.V. Manuel, B. Jacques, D.P. Butt, A. El-Azab, D. Hurley: Subsurface Imaging of Grain Microstructure Using Picosecond Ultrasonics, Acta Mater., 112 (2016) 209-215. </p><p><br>D.J. Tallman, L. He, B.L. Garcia-Diaz, E.N. Hoffman, G. Kohse, R.L. Sindelar, and M.W. Barsoum: Effect of Neutron Irradiation on Defect Evolution in Ti3SiC2 and Ti2AlC, J. Nucl. Mater., 468 (2016) 194-206.</p><p><br>G. Zheng, B. Kelleher, L. He, G. Cao, M. Anderson, T. Allen, and K. Sridharan: High-Temperature Corrosion of UNS N10003 in Molten Li2BeF4 (FLiBe) Salt, Corrosion, 71 (2015) 1257-1266.</p><p><br>J. Pakarinen, L. He, A.-R. Hassan, M. Gupta, A. El-Azab, and T.R. Allen: Annealing-Induced Lattice Recovery in Room-Temperature Xenon Irradiated CeO2: X-ray Diffraction and Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy Experiments, J. Mater. Res., 30 (2015) 1555-1562.</p><p><br>L. He, B. Valderrama, A-R. Hassan, J. Yu, M. Gupta, J. Pakarinen, H.B. Henderson, J. Gan, M.A. Kirk, A.T. Nelson, M.V. Manuel, A. El-Azab, and T.R. Allen: Bubble Formation and Kr Distribution in Kr-irradiated UO2, J. Nucl. Mater., 456 (2015) 125-132. </p><p><br>L. He, M.A. Kirk, M. Gupta, J. Pakarinen, J. Gan, A.T. Nelson, A. El-Azab, and T.R. Allen: In Situ TEM Observation of Dislocation Evolution in Polycrystalline UO2, JOM, 66 (2014) 2553-2561.</p><p><br>B. Valderrama, L. He, H.B. Henderson, J. Pakarinen, B. Jacques, J. Gan, D.P. Butt, T.R. Allen, and M.V. Manuel: Effect of Grain Boundaries on Krypton Segregation Behavior in Irradiated Uranium Dioxide, JOM, 66 (2014) 2562-2568.</p><p><br>J. Pakarinen, M. Khafizov, L. He, C. Wetteland, J. Gan, A. Nelson, D.H. Hurley, A. El-Azab, and T.R. Allen: Microstructures and Thermal Conductivity Evolution in 3.9 MeV He2+ Irradiated Depleted UO2, J. Nucl. Mater, 454 (2014) 283-289.</p><p><br>L. He, J. Pakarinen, M.A. Kirk, J. Gan, A.T. Nelson, A. El-Azab, and T.R. Allen: Microstructure Evolution in Xe-Irradiated UO2 at Room Temperature, Nucl. Instrum. Meth. B, 330 (2014) 55-60.</p><p><br>L. He, P. Roman, B. Leng, K. Sridharan, M. Anderson, and T.R. Allen: Corrosion Behavior of an Alumina Forming Austenitic Steel Exposed to Supercritical Carbon Dioxide, Corros. Sci., 82 (2014) 67-76. </p><p><br>M. Khafizov, I.-W. Park, A. Chernatynskiy, L. He, J. Lin, J.J. Moore, D. Swank, T. Lillo, S.R. Phillpot, A. El-Azab, and D. Hurley: Thermal Conductivity in Nanocrystalline Ceria Thin Films, J. Am. Ceram. Soc., 97 (2014) 562-569. </p><p><br>L. He, J. Shirahata, H. Suematsu, T. Nakayama, T. Suzuki, and K. Niihara: Synthesis of BN Nanosheet/Nanotube-Fe Nanocomposites by Pulsed Wire Discharge and High-temperature Annealing, Mater. Lett., 117 (2014), 120-123.</p><p><br>J. Pakarinen, L. He, M. Gupta, A. Nelson, A. El-Azab, and T.R. Allen: 2.6 MeV Proton Irradiation Effects on the Surface Integrity of Depleted UO2, Nucl. Instrum. Meth. B, 319 (2014) 100-106.</p><p><br>L. He, M. Gupta, C.A. Yablinsky, J. Gan, M.A. Kirk, X.M. Bai, J. Pakarinen, and T.R. Allen: In Situ TEM Observation of Dislocation Evolution in Kr-Irradiated UO2 Single Crystal, J. Nucl. Mater., 443 (2013) 71-77.</p><p><br>L. He, C.A. Yablinsky, M. Gupta, J. Gan, M.A. Kirk, and T.R. Allen: Transmission Electron Microscopy Investigation of Krypton Bubbles in Polycrystalline CeO2, Nucl. Tech., 182 (2013) 164-169.</p><p><br>Y. Zhou, L. He, Z. Lin, and J. Wang: Synthesis and Structure-Property Relationships of a New Family of Layered Carbides in Zr-Al(Si)-C and Hf-Al(Si)-C Systems, J. Eur. Ceram. Soc., 33 (2013) 2831-2865.</p></div>Advanced Characterization;Materials Science and Engineering;Materials Properties and Performance<div class="ExternalClass109E545AFA5C473EABF1007D7CE7DBD0"><p><a href="">ORCID</a></p></div>Senior staff scientist and instrument scientistAdvanced Characterization;Characterization and Advanced PIE<div class="ExternalClass4F1A61AF29E542F1B18C79FB9C5731EA"><p>​Conference organizations: Materials Science and Technology 2016 (MS&T2016), Salt Lake City, October 2016 (symposium co-organizer, session chair), The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society (TMS) 2018, 147th Annual Meeting & Exhibition, Phoenix, March 2018 (symposium lead organizer).</p></div>Irradiated Materials Characterization<div class="ExternalClass905763D7C94D4EADA3A798C343551A94"><p>Outstanding reviewer for two journals: <em>Materials & Design </em>and <em>Progress in Nuclear Energy</em> (2015)</p><p>Finalist in the DOE Energy Frontier Research Center graduate and postdoctoral researcher competition (2013) </p><p>"Chu Yuet Wah" Award for outstanding PhD student, Chinese Academy of Sciences (2009)</p><p>Top Prize of "Shi Changxu" Scholarship, Institute of Metal Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences (2009)</p><p>Excellent Graduate Award, Central South University, China (2003)</p></div> ​FEI Titan ChemiSTEM FEG-STEM, FEI Titan Themis 200 TEM