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Glen Papaioannou Papaioannou<div class="ExternalClassEF3A468B9382419B867714044064A38C"><p>​Bachelors, Mechanical Engineering, University of New Haven CT, 2005</p><p>Associates, Mechanical Engineering Technology, Waterbury State Technical College CT, 1992</p><p>Associates, Business Marketing, Becker Junior College MA, 1989</p></div><div class="ExternalClassE86D92BBFE6F44C58267B28186F20E17"><p>​Neutron Radiography; real time digital imaging of nuclear fuel, computed tomography, resolution improvements, quantitative data analysis from images, standards development</p></div><div class="ExternalClassB9915D5E99FD49698C9599176AB3B17D"><p>American Society for Nondestructive Testing, ASNT</p><p>American Society for Testing and Materials, ASTM</p><p>International Society of Automation, ISA</p></div><div class="ExternalClass792976385BFC4141A626C3DAF5703E47"><p>Journal:  Nuclear Engineering and Technology, Corresponding Author:  Aaron Craft</p><p>Co-Authors:  Bruce A Hilton, Ph.D.; Glen C Papaioannou</p><p>Title:  Characterization of a Neutron Beam Following Reconfiguration of the Neutron Radiography Reactor (NRAD) Core and Addition of New Fuel Element, 5/19/2015</p><p>Journal: ScienceDirect, PhysicsProcedia, Volume 69, 2015, Pages 483-490, Proceedings of the 10th World Conference on Neutron Radiography (WCNR-10) Grindelwald, Switzerland October 5–10, 2014, Corresponding Author:  Aaron Craft, Co-Authors: Daniel M. Wachs, Maria A. Okuniewski, David L. Chichester, Walter J. Williams, Glen C. Papaioannou, Andrew T. Smolinski, Title: Neutron Radiography of Irradiated Nuclear Fuel at Idaho National Laboratory, 9/10/2015</p></div>Nuclear Fuels;Nuclear;Neutron diffraction and imaging;Materials Science and Engineering;Process/Operations Engineering;Image processing algorithm development;Data collection;Neutron/ion irradiation damage of nuclear materials<div class="ExternalClassE8A3F7AADA324D6A8F3A2891CF8157C0"><p>​ORCID: 0000-0003-3912-0328</p></div>Instrument Engineer, Registered Professional Engineer, Certified Level II Neutron Radiographer, Beamline Examinations for Applied Material SciencePost Irradiation ExaminationHot Fuel Examination<div class="ExternalClass4EE5C92423D346FE9A373048CB432CF9"><p>Won MFC-wide award for demonstrating Values and Expectations in Teamwork as voted on by peers across all MFC Directorates in 2014</p><p>Awarded Employee of the Month for October 1994, Runner up for Employee of the Year 1994 at Devon Precision Industries, from approximately 75 Employees</p></div> ​250 KW TRIGA Neutron Radiography Reactor