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Daniel Murray Murray ​Dr. Daniel Murray is the group lead for focused ion beam, micromechanics, and surface analysis in INL’s irradiated materials characterization laboratory. He obtained his Ph.D. from the University of Nevada Reno in 2016. Prior to INL, he worked at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. His current research involves advanced ion characterization and surface analysis of nuclear fuels and materials including transuranics. He has extensive experience with focused ion beam microscopy, transmission electron microscopy, and optical spectroscopy. <div class="ExternalClassFC06842FE929427CB2727F6945049187"><p>​Ph.D., Materials Chemistry, University of Nevada Reno, 2016</p></div><div class="ExternalClass125336510AC34A67AAB3C7A47A265569"><ul><li><p>​Micro structural characterization of nuclear materials</p></li><li><p>In-situ measurement of electronic and thermal properties of materials in the FIB</p></li><li><p>Nanostructured materials<br></p></li><li><p>Surface science<br></p></li><li><p>Secondary ion mass<br></p></li></ul></div><div class="ExternalClass387A7877761B4D059BFC4311B9578CD7"><p>​A current list of publications can be found <a href="">here</a>.<br></p></div>Advanced Characterization;Materials Properties and Performance;Materials Science and Engineering;Nuclear ScientistAdvanced Characterization;Characterization and Advanced PIE;Characterization and Advanced Post-Irradiation ExaminationIrradiated Materials Characterization ​Shielded FEI QUANTA 3G FEG, shielded FEI Helios plasma FIB