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Jaymon Birch Birch<div class="ExternalClass30F990A12102414490990F10316375B4"><div><p>​B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, Utah State University</p></div></div><div class="ExternalClass62E99E5800B34A9C9F7BD306D553FA02"><p>​Performance testing of radioisotope power systems in near earth orbit conditions as a thermal vacuum subject matter expert</p><p>Experience with vacuum systems, thermal analysis and design/fabrication of structural support systems</p></div>Space Nuclear Power and Isotope Technologies;Mechanical Testing Engineer, Thermal Vacuum Testing Subject Matter Expert
Craig Dees Dees<div class="ExternalClass90BCCD0D00244D48B9E98969F81A6FD0"><p>Bachelors Degree, Mechanical Engineering, Utah State University, 1997</p><p>Masters Degree, Mechanical Engineering, Utah State University, 1999</p></div><div class="ExternalClass2CF2256E26F548B498FF6A8E22B53A94"><p>Mechanical vibration testing of Radioisotope Power Systems and small components for space applications. Testing capabilities include Sine, Random, Force Limited, and Quasi-Static vibration testing. Capabilities also include test instrumentation engineering, high speed data acquisition, and test result analysis. Vibration fixture engineering, design, and testing.</p><p>Nuclear glovebox engineering, design, and testing. Broad range of mechanical engineering duties related to nuclear facility modifications to support glovebox installation and operation.</p></div>Mechanical Testing;Space Nuclear Power and Isotope Technologies;Nuclear Engineering Research Facility Engineer
Kevin Geddes Geddes<div class="ExternalClassBB4816F198CD4750A0E31ED99A853A77"><p>​B.S. Mechanical Engineering, Utah State University</p></div><div class="ExternalClassEE737C3C06224BCEB795D0233DE8A143"><p>​ Tool Design </p></div>Mechanical Testing;Space Nuclear Power and Isotope Technologies engineer
Stephen Johnson Johnson Dr. Stephen G. Johnson is the director of the Space Nuclear Power and Isotope Technologies Division at the Idaho National Laboratory’s Materials and Fuels Complex. Most recently this program fueled, tested and delivered the MMRTG for NASA’s Mars Scientific Laboratory mission. During his tenure, the laboratory has successfully pursued involvement in the Radioisotope Power Systems program. Following that involvement, the fueling and testing of space and terrestrial power systems operations were transferred from Mound Laboratory to the Idaho National Laboratory. He initiated the Technical Integration Office for the DOE’s national Space and Defense Power Systems program. This office focuses on cross-cutting initiatives, mission planning scenarios for nuclear power systems for DOE customers such as NASA, and provides resources for various other needs for DOE’s SDPS department. Johnson holds a bachelor’s degree with a double major in mathematics and chemistry from Lake Superior State University of Michigan and a Ph. D. in physical chemistry from Iowa State University. Space Nuclear Power and Isotope Technologies Nuclear Power & Isotope Technologies Division Director