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Steven Herrmann Herrmann<div class="ExternalClassFC3B1FDA52C843DFB4D0D666301A63EA"><p>BS Chemical Engineering, Brigham Young University, 1990</p><p>Masters of Business Administration, Idaho State University, 1997</p><p>PhD Chemical Engineering, University of Idaho, currently enrolled<br></p><p><br></p></div><div class="ExternalClass22AC3034189145D99270E18BFF621800"><p>As an INL employee for over 20 years, Steven Herrmann has gained experience in research, design, development, and demonstration of processes and equipment. He also has managed projects and personnel in the treatment of various materials of interest for the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), including spent nuclear fuel and associated high-level, transuranic, and low-level wastes. These activities have primarily involved pyrochemical and electrochemical techniques and processes to separate and recover actinides from spent nuclear fuel, while directing fission and activation products into appropriate waste forms for disposal. Steven is currently leading a demonstration of an integrated kg-scale pyroprocess at INL for used nuclear fuel as part of a Joint Fuel Cycle Studies program – a 10-yr Cooperative Research and Development Agreement between multiple DOE national laboratories, the Republic of Korea, and the International Atomic Energy Agency.</p></div><div class="ExternalClass1EC21A9E49944727BE1484652BD0AA96"><p>Licensed Professional Engineer, Nuclear Engineering</p><p>Licensed Professional Engineer, Chemical Engineering</p><p>Member of the American Nuclear Society</p><p>Member of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers</p><p>Member of TMS<br></p><p><br></p></div><div class="ExternalClass4AC53962A3F8409F88FF52697D29B684"><ol><li>Steven D. Herrmann, Shelly X. Li, Brian R. Westphal, "Separation and Recovery of Uranium and Group Actinide Products from Irradiated Fast Reactor MOX Fuel via Electrolytic Reduction and Electrorefining," <em>Separation Science and Technology</em>, 47, 2044, 2012.</li><li>S. Phongikaroon, S. D. Herrmann, M. F. Simpson, "Diffusion Model for Electrolytic Reduction of Uranium Oxides in a Molten LiCl-Li<sub>2</sub>O Salt," <em>Nuclear Technology</em>, 174 (1), 85, April 2011.</li><li>S. D. Herrmann and S. X. Li, "Separation and Recovery of Uranium Metal from Spent Light Water Reactor Fuel via Electrolytic Reduction and Electrorefining," <em>Nuclear Technology</em>, 171 (3), 252, September 2010.</li><li>Shelly X. Li, Steven D. Herrmann, Michael F. Simpson, "Electrochemical Analysis of Actinides and Rare Earth Constituents in Liquid Cadmium Cathode Product from Spent Fuel Electrorefining," <em>Nuclear Technology</em>, 171 (3), 292, September 2010.</li><li>Shelly X. Li, S. D. Herrmann, K. M. Goff, M. F. Simpson, R. W. Benedict, "Actinide Recovery Experiments with Bench-Scale Liquid Cadmium Cathode in Real Fission Product-Laden Molten Salt," <em>Nuclear Technology</em>, 165 (2), 190, February 2009.</li><li>Michael F. Simpson, Steven D. Herrmann, "Modeling the Pyrochemical Reduction of Spent UO<sub>2</sub> Fuel in a Pilot-Scale Reactor," <em>Nuclear Technology</em>, 162 (2), 179, May 2008.</li><li>Steven Herrmann, Shelly Li, Michael Simpson, "Electrolytic Reduction of Spent Light Water Reactor Fuel – Bench-Scale Experiment Results," <em>Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology</em>, 44 (3), 361, 2007.</li><li>Supathorn Phongikaroon, Steven D. Herrmann, Shelly X. Li, Michael F. Simpson, "Measurement and Analysis of Gas Bubbles near a Reference Electrode in Aqueous Solutions," <em>Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research</em>, 45 (22), 7679, 2006.</li><li>S. D. Herrmann, S. X. Li, M. F. Simpson, S. Phongikaroon, "Electrolytic Reduction of Spent Nuclear Oxide Fuel as Part of an Integral Process to Separate and Recover Actinides from Fission Products," <em>Separation Science and Technology</em>, 41 (10), 1965, 2006.</li><li>S. X. Li, S. D. Herrmann, "Experimental Observations of a Thoria Oxygen Sensor in a Molten Salt System," <em>Journal of the Electrochemical Society</em>, 149 (2), H39, 2002.<br></li></ol><p><br></p></div>Fuel Recycling;Electrochemical engineering Fabrication and Nuclear Material ManagementFuels and Applied Science<div class="ExternalClass355535F74C794D308C81A2CC4B863119"><p>INL Lifetime Achievement Award for Inventorship (2016)</p><p>INL Exceptional Contributions Program Awards (multiple – 2007, 2009, 2011, and 2012)</p><p>Idaho National Laboratory Director's Award for Exceptional Engineering Achievement (2009)</p><p>INL Excellence in Action Award for successful project start-up with HEU Disposition Program Office and Sandia National Laboratory (2005)</p><p>Top 40 "Most Excellent Paper" Award from Global 2005 conference in Tsukuba, Japan (2005)</p><p>ANL Pacesetter Award for leading the EBR-I ARVFS NaK Treatment Project (1996)<br></p><p><br></p></div> ​Lab-scale molten salt electrorefiner, molten salt furnaces, hot fuel dissolution apparatus, oxide reduction and electrorefining vessels