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Craig Dees Dees<div class="ExternalClass90BCCD0D00244D48B9E98969F81A6FD0"><p>Bachelors Degree, Mechanical Engineering, Utah State University, 1997</p><p>Masters Degree, Mechanical Engineering, Utah State University, 1999</p></div><div class="ExternalClass2CF2256E26F548B498FF6A8E22B53A94"><p>Mechanical vibration testing of Radioisotope Power Systems and small components for space applications. Testing capabilities include Sine, Random, Force Limited, and Quasi-Static vibration testing. Capabilities also include test instrumentation engineering, high speed data acquisition, and test result analysis. Vibration fixture engineering, design, and testing.</p><p>Nuclear glovebox engineering, design, and testing. Broad range of mechanical engineering duties related to nuclear facility modifications to support glovebox installation and operation.</p></div>Mechanical Testing;Space Nuclear Power and Isotope Technologies;Nuclear Engineering Research Facility EngineerSpace Nuclear Power and Isotope Technologies<div class="ExternalClassC7BB7E4BBFAD4755B0513AC14EEEFB04"><p>Nitrile O-ring cracking: A case of Vacuum Flange O-ring Failures. Presented to the American Glovebox Society 2016 annual conference.</p><p>Neutron Radiation Shielding Strategies for Glovebox Applications. Presented to the American Glovebox Society 2017 annual conference.</p></div>Space and Security Power Systems ​Vibration testing